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Feeding Poultry - Meeting their needs

henhouseBlake Poultry Farm stocks poultry meal, this comes in 20 Kg bags. The protein level of the feed is 17%, which is a good quality feed as required to nourish young birds that are still growing and are going to start producing eggs.


A layers meal is used throughout lay and we would recommend not going below 16% protein.


The only other feed requirement is Oyster Shell. This can also be purchased from us. Oyster Shell gives the bird extra calcium to help shell quality.


You may also feed your birds extras (but not more than 10% of their diet) particularly anything green, for instance cabbage or lettuce as the green gives the yolk a deeper colour. Ample fresh water should be available at all times.

Wood shavings are also available from our stock. These are used as bedding and in the nest area, although you can use straw or chopped card if you wish. We also stock egg trays and boxes.


If you want further advice please call us on 01566 775366